Things That Ticket Buyers Worry About Before An Event

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January 3, 2017

Things That Ticket Buyers Worry About Before An Event

Things That Ticket Buyers Worry about before an Event

Online ticketing platforms like TicketMac have made attending events like rock shows or concerts much simpler for all of us, but that doesn’t mean that ticket buyers are completely at ease before an event. There are things that people worry about just before an event, and online ticketing platforms need to have their customer support channels and toll-free helplines in place to address these concerns.

Unfortunately, some of the biggest concerns that ticket buyers have involve refunds. As many as half of all calls to online ticketing platforms involve people who want refunds for their tickets.

Event management companies must realize that these calls can be difficult to deal with because of difficult or unclear refund policies. If you have a clear refund policy in place, make sure that your customer is aware of the policy. There several ways to accomplish this in TicketMac software to insure that it is implemented properly.

Having refunds taken care of in a smooth, hassle-free manner and promptly is key to alleviating customer concerns. A customer who wants a refund, but is made to wait for days to get one is one who is very frustrated, and extremely unhappy with your brand. You could lose a customer for life. There are issues of trust that customers are likely to have with a company that fails to refund their money quickly and painlessly.

Some ticket buyers are very concerned about any unrecognized charges that they see on their credit card statement. Credit card statements are not always clear about the name of the company that has charged the amount, and this often leads to customer concerns. Ensure that your customer help line executives are equipped to address these concerns.

As many as 10% of ticket buyers call and ask to re-send the ticket. People are much more comfortable when they have the ticket in their inbox. When they do not find the ticket, they become concerned, especially with the hours ticking towards the time of the concert or event. A really great idea is to make sure that the ticket goes out along with instructions about what to do at the event, details of the various entrances, exit points, and so on. It’s even better to send a checklist of all the instructions that event goers need to keep in mind, while attending the event, may be 24 hours for the actual event kicks off. That makes it not just a great ticket booking experience, but also an outstanding event experience for all ticket buyers.

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