Increasing Ticket Sales: Three Questions to Answer

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December 29, 2016
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January 16, 2017

Increasing Ticket Sales: Three Questions to Answer

Increasing Ticket Sales: Three Questions to Answer

More people now prefer buying tickets for events online to standing in line at the box office. The trend has grown steadily over the past few years, and now, event organizers report more ticket sales online than box office sales. Online bookings have shot through the roof, and for most people, buying tickets online is now just as simple as shopping online.

Wondering why your online ticket sales are not moving as fast as you had hoped they would? Answer these three questions honestly, and you will know where the problem lies.

Do you offer your customer the option to book via mobile?

If your website is only optimized for desktop platforms, and not mobile phones and smart phones, which is where most people are doing their ticket booking now days, your sales are bound to be low. An overwhelming number of Americans are now online, and on their smartphones. They use their smartphones, not only when they are at home or at work, but also when they are standing in queue at the supermarket aisle, when they are out shopping and so on.

The smartphone makes it possible for people to stay connected 24/7, and the majority of American retailers have understood that this is the platform that they must use to target customers. If you continue to ignore the fact that your booking platform must be optimized for mobile, making it easy for people to get information about your event, and making it very simple (in just a few clicks) to book tickets on your platform, your business is likely to flounder. Get in touch with an expert, and learn how you can get your website optimized for mobile very easily.

If you already have a “booking- via- mobile phone” option, have you made it simple to use?

Remember, that if your booking options are clumsy, lengthy, or inconvenient, people are simply likely to click to go elsewhere. The average attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds since the advent of smart phones. Americans do not have the patience to stay on a website or ticketing platform that they feel is difficult to use, or not meeting their needs. The result is a lost customer for you.

Are you using social media to boost your mobile booking sales?

Most people nowadays stay connected with their circle of friends, via platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using their smartphones. They’re less likely to stay at home and log into Facebook on their desktop. That means that they are just a couple of steps away from seeing your event advertised on a Facebook page, and making the decision to buy the ticket.

Your online mobile marketing strategy needs to seamlessly integrate your social media efforts with your online booking platform to make sure that people who learn about your event and are interested in it, make the decision to buy the ticket, and are able to do so without any fuss and instantly.

Want to know more about how you can boost ticket sales to your event and boost attendance numbers? Speak to a Success Manager at TicketMac today.

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