Easy Tips For Tour Operators Using Facebook Ads

How Tour Operators Can Optimize Their Business Using Facebook
January 16, 2017
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January 23, 2017

Easy Tips For Tour Operators Using Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can help develop a strong channel of frequent and consistent bookings for any tour or activity provider. But to leverage Facebook ads, you must target different types of audiences on the site.

You can target potential customers on Facebook, who are very similar to the customers who have already gone on tours or activities with you. Create a Standard Custom Audience. Facebook will help you do this, matching with most of the contacts on your list.

Once you have created a Custom Audience, you can then create a Look-Alike Audience, which Facebook can create for you. Facebook will look for certain defining patterns among users that are similar to your current fans. This will give you a wider group of people, who share several similarities with your current customers, and are, therefore, much more likely to become potential customers of your company.

The Facebook Custom Audience feature is an extremely potent tool, especially when it is used in the tourism and activity business. Remember, people with similar likes are always likely to be friends with each other, and share with each other. For example, if you have customers who frequently go on tour and other activities with you, they are also very likely to have friends on Facebook who also share those interests. We often “friend” people with who we share common activities. These kinds of audiences are perfect to target using Facebook ads.

Besides, the Custom Audience feature also allows you to target very specific audiences. Say, for instance, you are looking for customers of a specific age group, and are interested in a particular type of activity. You are much more likely to have success looking for these kinds of potential customers using the Custom Audience feature, than any other marketing feature. Considering that the world is on Facebook, it's very likely that you will reach the most number of potential customers in this manner.

The social nature of tourism and traveling means greater potency of social media tools like Facebook, and the various tools that the social media networking site provides to businesses like yours. Want to know more about how you can leverage Facebook and social media to maximize bookings for your business? Get in touch with a marketing professional at VS Media Group.

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