Five Things You Can Do to Your Website to Increase Your Tour Bookings

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January 23, 2017
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January 23, 2017

Five Things You Can Do to Your Website to Increase Your Tour Bookings

The tourism business including tours, activities and other travel-related services are some of the most Internet-dependent businesses. Much of your business is likely to be sourced online, and most of your customers are likely to be those who have found your business online, or have decided to book your services on your website. Therefore, your website is a major component of your marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, many tour and activity operators have websites that look shoddy, are designed poorly, or are clunky to use. Attractive design, ease-of- use, customer friendly features, and convenience – these are the elements of a website that is not only use, but also easy to book on.

Answer the following questions, and you will see whether you need a website marketing intervention.

  • Does your website reach or exceed your expectations for online bookings?
  • Do you find that conversions are slim, and that you are losing more leads than you’re converting?
  • Are people spending a lot of the time on your website, and then just going away?

If your website analytics data tells you that your website isn’t performing to your expectations, it’s time to do an analysis of your own.

Review the content on your website. Is it attractively presented, easy-to- read, and in clear form? If not, get working on this immediately. Make sure that the content is relevant to the services that you provide. Good images should be a critical component of your website. If your pages are nothing but endless text, and no pictures or videos, you are delivering a website to a visiting customer that is unattractive. Use plenty of high- resolution, colorful, and vibrant images to impress customers. If you run a scuba diving activity, have plenty of underwater images of customers enjoying themselves.

Make sure that the website is easy to navigate. Many tour operators invest in well-designed websites, but make it difficult for customers to access the information that they need. A customer is looking for pricing information, timings, batch sizes, and other relevant information, and this should be available and accessible easily. Your website should be quick to load.

Make it easy for customers to book on your website. Have a “Book Now” option, that is very attractive, and very alluring to customers and placed in a very prominent position on every page. Just a few simple clicks should be all that it takes for a customer to book a space on your activity. Make it difficult for customers or include too many steps in the process, and you could lose a customer out of frustration.

Invest in a few SEO techniques to get more targeted traffic to your website. Promote your website in other ways-attach a link to it on your Facebook page, run a blog, get a Twitter account that regularly directs traffic to your website. Remember, your well-designed, easy-to- use website is not of much use if not many people are visiting it.

Invest in a good website analytics tool that really allows you to analyze customer traffic on your website. What are the pages that your customers are visiting? What are the pages that they’re staying on for the longest period of time? What are the pages that repeat customers are visiting most often? These are questions that you need to answer, and those answers will help you ensure that your website performs optimally.

Want to learn more about how to enhance the design and layout of your website to increase conversions? Talk to a website marketing professional at VS Media Group.

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