How to Use E-Mail Effectively When You Are Marketing an Escape Room

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January 23, 2017
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How to Use E-Mail Effectively When You Are Marketing an Escape Room

When it comes to marketing escape rooms, operators sometimes neglect the most obvious and most
effective strategy- e-mail. You might believe that only social media can offer you the kind of edge that is
needed to survive in this very competitive and burgeoning niche, but you will find that e-mail when used
effectively, can convert leads, recovered abandoned bookings, and keep customers coming back for

Not only does effective e-mail marketing help get you new gamers, but it also helps to run your escape room game smoothly, preventing latecomers, and ironing out other glitches that can ruin the experience for gamers, and impact your business.

Sending out reminder e-mails just before an escape room is bound to start can help reduce the number of late arrivals, and lead to a much smoother experience for all. Remember, late arrivals mean that the game master has to skip important early parts of his introduction, and also cut off group time to accommodate the next group. That means a less satisfactory experience for all. Sending out something as simple as a reminder e-mail can help people get to the venue on time.

Use e-mail to remind customers who started the process of converting on your website, but failed to confirm their booking. You probably see a large number of such potential customers, who fill in their contact information and get started on the process of booking a spot in your escape room, but do not complete the booking. These kind of abandoned bookings are very common online. Remember, these are people who are very interested in your escape room, and all they need is a gentle push in that direction. Send them an e-mail that helps you recover these customers, and push them back into making a purchase. These emails should be sent just a few hours after they leave your website. It serves as a reminder, that they have started the process of booking your escape room, and helps nudge them in that direction once again.

Once a person has confirmed a booking, send him a confirmation e-mail, that allows for a more complete and smooth experience. Include all important information including payment details, timings of the escape room, location details, and other important information that can make sure that your customer has an enjoyable experience. Don’t simply assume that people who book a spot in your escape room are guaranteed to have an enjoyable experience. People can forget that they have a booking, forget the timings, may arrive late – any number of things can go wrong, and they do impact a person’s enjoyment of the experience. Your job with these kinds of e-mails is to ensure that the person thoroughly enjoys your experience, with a little nudge from you. That makes for a happy gamer who will definitely be back for more!

Once the person has enjoyed the escape room, coax a review from him. Reviews will help convert potential customers in the future. Remember, most potential customers are likely to read online reviews before they decide to book a spot in your escape room. Fortunately, it’s easy to ask a happy customer to leave a review through an email.

You can also use e-mails to inform customers, who have just finished an escape room, that they can look for pictures of the group on Facebook, Instagram and other social media tools. People in the gaming community love to share their experiences, and you will find that these e-mails are very useful to persons who may not realize that you have posted the pictures otherwise.

Also send out e-mails a few days or a few weeks after a person has had a gaming experience with you. People like to try out new escape rooms all the time, and you will find that sending them an mail about the next escape room that you have planned, is an effective way to get them back to booking a spot in your next escape room. However, make sure that you don't send these e-mails too quickly after the last one. You don’t want to sound pushy. For this, it is important for you to go back and analyze your data, and find out how long it takes for a customer to book a spot with you again.

Apart from this, you can use e-mails for offering discounts, special offers, weekday special pricing, and all types of other initiatives to coax people to sign on.

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