Frequently Asked Questions

1Is TicketMac a voucher platform?
No, TicketMac is a true e-ticketing solution. TicketMac produces a turnstile ready e-ticket or paper ticket, as well as tickets for boca printers. A true end to end ticketing software solution for various clients in the tourism industry.
2Do you have any setup fees or contracts?
No, we believe in honest and straight-forward pricing without the bullying of contracts and cancellation fees. We are so confident in our software that it will be the ultimate solution for all our clients. The Best part is you’re more than welcome to come and go as you please with no fees for setup, cancellations, or commitments.
3Do you have servicing contracts?
No, With this is software we do not charge you for support. You can call in, chat, email, or even stop by our office for free. We’re here to help.
4Can I access my customer data?
Yes, your data belongs to you and you do whatever you want with it. You’re free to export your entire account history, data, and all your ticket buyers to excel literally within seconds.
5Can I use my own gateway? Can you set up one for me?
Yes and Yes. Your own gateway: We support 90% of the payment gateways on the market including Sage,, USAePay, SecureNet, First Data, Stripe, and many more. If you need a gateway: Not only can we help you get one, we can make sure you get the best rates. We are your advocate when it comes to getting the best rates possible.
6How do I get billed?
You get billed every month with a card on file or ACH debit. We send you a summarized report of the ticket buyers and charges for the period.
7Do you have an API?
We sure do. Contact us for more information on the possibilities of working with our API.
8Collect and Keep 100% of Processing Fees
Instantly Add Thousands of Dollars To Your Bottom Line TicketMac is the only ticketing company that gives you total control when it comes to the processing fee or convenience fee and keep it all to yourself. Every single fee and price on your ticketing page goes directly to you, not us. Other ticketing companies pass their fees directly to your buyers, make you absorb it, or allow you to split it with buyers. That’s pretty limited. Since you pay a low flat rate directly to TicketMac, any and every fee you collect from your ticket holders goes to you, not us. Regularly we see how our clients are able to keep hundreds of thousands of dollars doing this.
9Real-Time Dashboards, Analytics & Reports will leave you Speechless
Never before has attractions been given these insights into the performance of their ticketing in real time. Our analytics on mobile usage, conversion rates and transaction times lead the industry.
10Ticket Scanning App
TicketMac has the industry’s best mobile iOS ticket scanning app that has state of the art fraud detection, offline capabilities and multi-scan functionality. It’s also integrated into our web based platform for quick review of outstanding ticket holders.
1199.99% Uptime
Enjoy your ticketing platform online all the time.
12PCI Compliant
All your ticketing transactions are PCI Compliant.
13256 Bit Encryption
Your data is secured with military grade encryption.
14Reliable and Scalable
State of the art infrastructure that is scalable at no cost to you.
15You Own the Data. We Don’t.
TicketMac is the one company that gives you complete ownership of your data. You own it all without exceptions. Your data belongs to you. We won’t touch it, market it, harvest it, solicit it, or spam it. You can also export all of it at any time within 5 seconds.